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Anil Bidari - Your Experienced Mentor

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Anil Bidari

Professional Experience in Cloud-Based Gen AI Training and Development

Overseen and delivered an extensive series of comprehensive training programs focusing on cutting-edge cloud-based Gen AI tools and technologies. Conducted in-person sessions in Singapore and facilitated online webinars, reaching a global audience.

Developed 5 Technical Courses on ChatGPT as Below,


Key Achievements and Responsibilities

Hands-On Training & Demonstrations

Conducted immersive hands-on sessions showcasing the creation of AI-driven solutions using industry-leading platforms such as AWS AI tools, Azure AI Studio, and GCP's Vertex AI.

Continuous Learning & Material Enhancement

Maintained up-to-date knowledge on the latest advancements in Gen AI, ensuring the training materials consistently integrated the most recent and pertinent industry insights.

Innovative AI Development

Pioneered the development of a personalized AI avatar equipped with both voice and video capabilities. Leveraged this technology to effortlessly create personalized videos with a few simple clicks.

Curriculum Development & Training Delivery

Developed meticulously structured curricula encompassing a spectrum of cloud-based Gen AI tools across prominent platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. Delivered training sessions highlighting the transformative impact of Gen AI in various industries, emphasizing the augmentation of cybersecurity measures.

Chat-GPT and Lang Chain LLM Model Development

Engineered a proprietary Chat-GPT integrated with Lang Chain's LLM model. This innovative application enables users to submit prompts and securely access private data within organizational frameworks, ensuring confidentiality and efficiency in data management.

Contributions to Advancing AI Technology

His contributions in advancing Gen AI technology and dedication to imparting comprehensive knowledge through curated training programs have significantly shaped the understanding and utilization of AI-driven solutions in diverse sectors

What Sets Our Instructors Apart

Industry Leaders

Our instructors are industry-recognized experts with hands-on experience in AI applications across diverse domains.

Practical Insights

They bring real-world scenarios and practical insights into the learning environment, offering valuable perspectives on utilizing ChatGPT effectively.

Engaging Instruction

With a passion for teaching, our instructors employ interactive methods, case studies, and real-life examples to make learning engaging and impactful.

Mentorship & Support

Beyond delivering lectures, our instructors provide mentorship, guidance, and personalized support to ensure every learner's success.

Why Learn from Our Instructors



Benefit from learning directly from professionals with in-depth knowledge and expertise in AI, ChatGPT, and related fields.


Gain insights into the latest advancements and innovative applications of ChatGPT from industry leaders.
His contributions in advancing Gen AI technology and dedication to imparting comprehensive knowledge through curated training programs.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with instructors who are well-connected in the AI community, offering networking opportunities.

Career Growth

Acquire skills and insights that can propel your career in AI, guided by experienced mentors dedicated to your success.
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