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“Generative AI For Entrepreneurs” Is An Intensive And Practical Course Designed To Empower Entrepreneurs With The Transformative Capabilities Of Generative AI. Through A Combination Of Theoretical Concepts, Hands-On Exercises, And Real-World Examples, Participants Will Gain A Solid Understanding Of How Generative AI Can Revolutionize Their Businesses. Join Us To Unlock The Potential Of Generative AI And Stay Ahead In The Rapidly Evolving Business Landscape.


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    Anil Bidari


    Anil Bidari is a versatile trainer and consultant specializing in GitLab, AWS, Azure, Google, DevOps, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, Agile, and Machine Learning. His expertise drives successful technology adoption and implementation, benefiting organizations and individuals alike.

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    Our “Generative AI For Entrepreneurs” Course Is Specifically Designed To Equip Entrepreneurs With The Knowledge And Skills To Leverage The Power Of Generative AI In Their Businesses. In This Comprehensive Program, You Will Learn How To Harness Cutting-Edge AI Technologies To Create Innovative Solutions, Streamline Operations, And Drive Growth. Our Expert Instructors Will Guide You Through The Fundamentals Of Generative AI, Including Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, And Computer Vision.


    “Generative AI for Entrepreneurs” equips business founders with tools to drive innovation. Participants explore AI-driven content creation, product ideation, and ethical considerations. Through hands-on learning and expert collaboration, entrepreneurs develop innovative AI-driven solutions, fostering creativity and competitiveness in their ventures.


    Course Outline

    Module 1 : Introduction To Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    • The Landscape Of AI: Different Types Of AI
    • What Is Generative AI?
    • Real-Life Applications Of Generative AI
    • Exercise: Discuss An Instance Where You Encountered A Generative AI Without Realizing It.

    Module 2 : Basics Of Generative AI

    • Deep Dive Into Generative AI: How Does It Work?
    • Understanding The Non-Technical Aspects Of Generative AI
    • The Potential Of Generative AI In Business
    • Case Study Discussion: Generative AI In Business
    • Exercise: Identify A Business Problem That Can Be Solved With Generative AI.

    Module 3 : Generative AI For Content Generation

    • The Use Of Generative AI In Content Creation (Blogs, Social Media Posts, Etc.)
    • OpenAI’s GPT-3 And Its Applications In Content Generation
    • Google Bard And Its Applications
    • Exercise: Use An Online Generative AI Tool To Generate A Short Blog Post Or Social Media Content.

    Exercise 1  : Content Generation With ChatGPT  

    • Use ChatGPT To Generate A Short Blog Post Or Social Media Content. This Exercise Aims To Familiarize You With Using AI For Content Generation.
    • Identify A Topic Relevant To Your Business.
    • Go To ChatGPT’s Website And Start A New Conversation.
    • Ask ChatGPT To Write A Blog Post Or Social Media Post About The Chosen Topic.
    • Review The Content Generated And Discuss Its Quality And Relevance.

    Module 4: Generative AI For Product Development & Improvement

    • Role Of Generative AI In Product Ideation And Design
    • Case Study: Autodesk’s Dreamcatcher And Generative Design
    • Exercise: Identify Potential Improvements To Your Product Using Generative Design Principles

    Module 5: Generative AI In Customer Service

    • Generative AI In Chatbots And Customer Interactions
    • Case Study: Using AI Chatbots For Customer Service
    • Exercise: Design A Basic Flowchart For An AI Chatbot That Could Be Used In Your Business.

    Exercise 2 : Enhance Customer Service With ChatGPT  

    • Use ChatGPT To Design A Basic Chatbot Script That Could Be Used In Your Business.
    • Identify A Common Customer Service Scenario In Your Business.
    • Draft A List Of Potential Customer Inquiries For This Scenario.
    • Use ChatGPT To Generate Responses To These Inquiries.
    • Review And Discuss How Effectively The Responses Address The Customer’s Needs.

    Module 6 : Generative AI For Sales And Marketing

    • Personalized Marketing Using Generative AI
    • Predictive Analytics And Sales Forecasting With Generative AI
    • Exercise: Identify Potential Personalization Opportunities In Your Current Marketing Strategies.

    Exercise 3: Generate Marketing Content With Leonardo.Ai (

    • Use Leonardo.Ai To Create Unique Marketing Content.
    • Identify A Product Or Service You Want To Market.
    • Use Leonardo.Ai To Generate A Detailed Product Description.
    • Next, Use Leonardo.Ai To Generate A Series Of Social Media Posts Promoting The Product Or Service.
    • Discuss The Quality Of The Generated Content And How It Could Be Improved Or Modified.

    Module 7 : Risks And Ethics Of Generative AI

    • Discussion On AI Ethics
    • Risks Of Using Generative AI
    • Regulatory Considerations For Businesses Using Generative AI
    • Exercise: Discuss Ethical Considerations And Potential Risks For The AI Use Cases You’ve Identified For Your Business.

    Module 8 : Implementation Of Generative AI

    • Understanding The Technical Requirements Of Generative AI
    • Outsourcing Vs Building An In-House Team
    • Case Study: Successful Implementation Of Generative AI In A Non-Technical Business
    • Exercise: Discuss Whether You Would Consider Outsourcing Or Building An In-House Team For AI Implementation In Your Business.

    Module 9 : Future Of Generative AI

    • Upcoming Trends In Generative AI
    • Potential Impact Of Future Developments On Businesses
    • How To Stay Updated With The Latest In Generative AI
    • Exercise: Discuss How You Think Future Developments In Generative AI Could Impact Your Business.

    Exercise 4: Convert Text Into Speech With Play.Ht  

    • This Exercise Will Help You Understand How To Use AI For Audio Content Generation.
    • Write A Brief (1-2 Paragraphs) Promotional Script For Your Business.
    • Use Play.Ht To Convert This Script Into An Audio Clip.
    • Listen To The Clip And Discuss The Quality Of The Speech. Consider Things Like Pronunciation, Intonation, And Pace.
    • Discuss Potential Uses For This Kind Of Technology In Your Business (E.G., Podcasting, Audio Ads, Etc.)

    Exercise 5 : Build And Deploy Website Using Chatgpt On Amazon Cloud

    • Build A Website For Small Business
    • Signup With AWS Cloud Free Trial
    • Deploy Your Website On Amazon Cloud Using Free Trial And Go Live

    Module 10 : Wrap-Up And Open Discussion

    • Recap Of Key Points Learned
    • How To Prepare Your Business For Adopting Generative AI
    • Open Discussion: How Are You Planning To Implement Generative AI In Your Business?
    • Q&A Session
    • Exercise: Develop A Rough Draft Of A Generative AI Implementation Plan For Your Business.

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