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Welcome to ChatGPT for Healthcare, where cutting-edge AI meets patient care. This course empowers healthcare professionals to harness the power of ChatGPT for improved patient communication, diagnosis support, treatment planning, and administrative tasks. Dive into the realm of AI-driven healthcare solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of medical practitioners and patients alike. Join us to explore the transformative potential of ChatGPT in revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare services. Enroll now to shape the future of healthcare!


Enroll now to redefine healthcare with ChatGPT. Upgrade your skills and transform patient care today!

    Anil Bidari


    Anil Bidari is a versatile trainer and consultant specializing in GitLab, AWS, Azure, Google, DevOps, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, Agile, and Machine Learning. His expertise drives successful technology adoption and implementation, benefiting organizations and individuals alike.

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    This Course Provides A Comprehensive Introduction To Using ChaGPT For Healthcare Applications. Participants Gain Hands-On Experience In Training ChaGPT For Medical Terminology, Implementing Symptom Checking, And Leveraging ChaGPT For Patient Engagement, Thereby Enhancing Patient Interaction And Care Using AI.


    “ChatGPT for Healthcare” offers comprehensive training in integrating AI into medical settings. Participants gain hands-on experience in patient communication, clinical decision support, and medical documentation. Ethical considerations and regulatory compliance are emphasized, ensuring responsible use of AI in healthcare for improved patient outcomes and operational efficiency.


    Course Outline

    • Brief Introduction To AI And Machine Learning.
    • Importance Of AI In The Healthcare Industry.
    • Background And Evolution Of AI Language Models.
    • Understanding GPT-4 And The Evolution To ChatGPT.
    • Importance And Applications Of Natural Language Processing In Healthcare.
    • Equip Participants With A Solid Understanding Of AI, Chatbots, And ChatGPT’s Role In Healthcare
    • Enable Attendees To Set Up, Customize, And Integrate ChatGPT Into Healtchare Through Practical Lab Sessions.
    • Develop The Ability To Evaluate And Continuously Improve ChatGPT’s Performance.
    • Encourage Ideation For New ChatGPT Applications In The Helathcare
    • Foster Open Discussion On Future Trends, Opportunities, And Challenges In Healthcare
    • ChatGPT In Healthcare   (Social Media, Websites, Apps)
    • Customer Service In Helathcare  (FAQs, Information Dissemination)
    • Education And E-Learning For  Healthcare  Services

    Real World Examples And Case Studies

    • Brief On The Importance Of Prompt Engineering In Healthcare  
    • How Well-Designed Prompts Can Optimize AI Responses.
    • Explanation Of What Prompts Are.
    • Examples Of Poorly Constructed Vs. Well-Constructed Prompts.
    • Creating Basic Prompts
    • Hands On On By Students Prompt Engineering : Medical Blogs, Medical Video Scripts , Create And Publish Medical Videos 
    • Group Sharing And Feedback Session On Created Prompts.
    • Creating Advanced Prompts
    • Trainer Will Work On Training ChatGPT To Understand And Generate Text Based On Medical Terminologies.
    • This Session Will Allow Participants To Familiarize Themselves With The Model And Understand How It Can Be Fine-Tuned To Specific Needs.
    • Trainer Will Work On Building A Basic Symptom Checking System Using ChatGPT.
    • This Hands-On Exercise Will Explore The Potential Of ChatGPT In Clinical Decision Support Systems.
    • Discussion: Challenges And Opportunities With ChatGPT In Finance
    • Addressing Potential Concerns And Questions
    • Future Perspectives: ChatGPT And AI In The Finance Sector
    • Wrap Up And Feedback Session

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