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Welcome to the ChatGPT for Banking and Finance Premium AI Training Program, where innovation meets industry expertise. This comprehensive course is meticulously crafted to empower professionals in the banking and finance sectors with advanced AI capabilities. From risk assessment to customer service automation, delve into specialized applications tailored to your industry needs. Join us to unlock the potential of AI-driven solutions and stay ahead in the dynamic world of banking and finance.


Master ChatGPT for Banking and Finance. Elevate your skills for industry success today!

    Anil Bidari


    Anil Bidari is a versatile trainer and consultant specializing in GitLab, AWS, Azure, Google, DevOps, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, Agile, and Machine Learning. His expertise drives successful technology adoption and implementation, benefiting organizations and individuals alike.

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    This One-Day Course Offers Comprehensive Training On Using ChatGPT For Banking And Finance. It Covers AI Introduction, ChatGPT Applications In Finance, Hands-On Setup, Integration, Evaluation, Plus Four Lab Sessions For Practical, Experiential Learning, Concluding With A Forward-Looking Discussion And Wrap-Up.


    The “ChatGPT for Banking and Finance Premium AI Training Program” offers advanced instruction on integrating ChatGPT into financial services. Participants gain hands-on experience in personalized banking, risk assessment, and fraud detection. Ethical considerations and industry compliance are emphasized, ensuring proficient deployment of AI solutions in banking and finance sectors.


    Course Outline

    • What Is ChatGPT?
    • The Role Of AI In Banking And Finance
    • Use Cases Of ChatGPT In Banking And Finance
    • Benefits Of Implementing ChatGPT In Financial Services
    • 4 Real-World Examples And Case Studies
    • Equip Participants With A Solid Understanding Of AI, Chatbots, And ChatGPT’s Role In Banking And Finance.
    • Enable Attendees To Set Up, Customize, And Integrate ChatGPT Into Banking Systems Through Practical Lab Sessions.
    • Develop The Ability To Evaluate And Continuously Improve ChatGPT’s Performance.
    • Encourage Ideation For New ChatGPT Applications In The Finance Sector.
    • Foster Open Discussion On Future Trends, Opportunities, And Challenges In AI And Finance.
    • ChatGPT In Banking And Finance  (Social Media, Websites, Apps)
    • Customer Service In Banking In Finance  (FAQs, Information Dissemination)
    • Public Policy Research And Analysis
    • Education And E-Learning For Financial  Services
    • Real World Examples And Case Studies
    • Brief On The Importance Of Prompt Engineering In Financial Querries
    • How Well-Designed Prompts Can Optimize AI Responses.
    • Explanation Of What Prompts Are.
    • Examples Of Poorly Constructed Vs. Well-Constructed Prompts.
    • Creating Basic Prompts
    • Participants Create Basic Prompts For General Use Cases.
    • Group Sharing And Feedback Session On Created Prompts.
    • Creating Advanced Prompts
    • Participants Create Advanced Prompts For Specific Use Cases Within Their Banking And Finance Dept
    • Group Sharing And Feedback Session On Created Prompts.
    • Lab Session 3: Simulated Integration Of ChatGPT With A Mock Banking System
    • Lab Session 4 : Brainstorming And Designing New Use Cases For ChatGPT In Finance
    • Discussion: Challenges And Opportunities With ChatGPT In Finance
    • Addressing Potential Concerns And Questions
    • Future Perspectives: ChatGPT And AI In The Finance Sector

    Wrap Up And Feedback Session

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